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Advanced Aviation Training Device

Now available at Aileron Aviation is the full-feature Advanced Aviation Training Device ("AATD") model CR-12 from Precision Flight Controls. This AATD can be configured for 40 different aircraft, and best of all, the FAA approves logging time! This represents a significant cost savings for private, instrument, commercial and ATP students as well as for instrument pilots needing to maintain instrument proficiency.

The simulator also provides the ability to create challenging scenarios, otherwise impractical or too dangerous for actual flight. What's it like flying an instrument approach to minimums into Aspen, Colorado with ice on the wings? What about an electrical failure en-route when the ceiling is 1,000 feet? Or flight into a thunderstorm? Experience these real situations from the safety of the flight simulator and with help from a seasoned instructor.

What Time Can Be Logged?

  • Maintain instrument currency

  • Instrument Proficiency Check

  • Instrument Rating training up to 20 hours

  • Private Pilot Certificate training up to 2.5 hours

  • Commercial Certificate training up to 50 hours

  • ATP training up to 25 hours

What Aircraft Are Available

  • Cessna 152

  • Cessna 172P

  • Cessna 172R

  • Cessna 172S

  • Cessna 182

  • Cessna 182RG

  • Cessna 182T

  • Cessna T182T

  • Cessna 206H

  • Cessna T206H

  • Cessna 210

  • Cessna P210

  • Cessna 414A

  • Cessna 421C

  • Beechcraft Bonanza

  • Beechcraft Bonanza TC

  • Beechcraft Baron

  • Beechcraft Baron TC

  • Beechcraft Duchess

  • Beechcraft Travel Air

  • Piper Warrior II

  • Piper Archer III

  • Piper Arrow III

  • Piper Arrow III TC

  • Piper Arrow IV

  • Piper Arrow IV TC

  • Piper Malibu Mirage

  • Piper Seminole

  • Piper Seminole TC

  • Piper Seneca I

  • Piper Seneca V

  • Mooney 201

  • Mooney 231

  • Mooney 252

  • Diamond DA20

FAA Letter of Authorization

The attached is the FAA LOA for the PFC CR-12 AATD​:


How To Log Time in Simulator

  • In "N" column put "PFC CR-12/AATD"

  • In "Type" column put aircraft type flown in simulator

  • In "To" and "From" columns note airports used in simulator

  • In "SEL", "MEL", "Day/Night" and "Cross-Country" columns leave blank

  • In "Landings" column leave blank

  • In "Approach" column log number of approaches performed

  • In "Actual IMC" column leave blank

  • In "Simulated IMC" log time in IMC in simulator

  • In "FTD" or "Flight Simulator" column log total time in simulator

  • In "PIC" and "Total Flight" columns log all applicable simulator time

  • In "Dual" column log all time an instructor is present. If an instrument/ATP rated pilot is flying solo for instrument experience (currency) then no dual time is logged

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