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Learn to Fly

What's your dream? Are you headed to the airlines, need a better way to travel for your business, or just think flying seems incredibly fun. Aileron Aviation's pilot curriculum is designed to help people with no aviation experience become awesome pilots! The training program is challenging, fun and safe.

“Excellence is achieved by mastery of the fundamentals.”

-- Vince Lombardi

Learning to fly is a building block process. Basic skills are the foundation for advance skills. Aileron Aviation believes in the importance of a strong foundation and never cuts corners when it comes to helping a student master the fundaments.

What are the courses?

Aileron provides training for airplanes:

  • Private Pilot Certificate - the fundamental certificate authorizing a person to fly in the national airspace.

  • Instrument Rating - an additional rating to the Private Pilot Certificate that authorizes a person to fly in weather.

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate - allows a person to be compensated for flying.

  • Recreational Pilot Certificate - a limited authorization for a person to fly in the national airspace based on type of aircraft and number of passengers.

  • Sport Pilot Certificate - a certificate to fly a light-sport aircraft.

What does it cost?

The least cost for a Private Pilot Certificate is $7,500 dollars, which includes aircraft, instructor and examination fees. The price is more typically $10,000 dollars. The cost is affected by the time a student has available for training, the type of ground training they choose and personal equipment choices, like headsets.

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