Aileron Aviation is offering an exceptional and versatile aircraft for everything from a Sunday, sightseeing flight to long-legged cross countries.

The Cessna 172 is arguably one of the best platforms for personal flying. The high-wing configuration provides great visibility and the double doors makes easy access to the front and back seats. The aircraft is easy to fly and has a stellar reputation for safety. 

Aileron Aviation’s Cessna 172 has a 180HP engine giving it great climb performance, and extra gross weight. An air conditioner makes tooling around at low altitudes cool and comfortable. The comfortable and ergonomic interior makes flying in our Cessna 172 a joy for both pilots and non-pilots alike.

The aircraft is especially suited for long cross-countries with equipment that enhances safety, increases comfort and gets you there rested. Topping the list is a 2-axis auto pilot coupled with an en-route and non-precision approach GPS. The 180HP gives the airplane a TAS of 110kts @ 9.5GPH. That's cost effective performance.

Aileron Aviation provides 24x7 customer service and support. An on-line reservation system and electronic security systems makes the aircraft available anytime and any day. An emergency service phone number adds comfort and confidence that someone is always available to assist.

Aircraft Specifications
  • 1978 Cessna 172N

  • 180HP

  • Air conditioner

  • Leather seats

  • 4 place intercomm

  • Apollo SL30 NavComm

  • Garmin GNS430W GPS/Com

  • S-TEC 30 2-axis auto-pilot

  • Garmin GTX330ES Transponder

  • 6000ft @ 2400RPM

    • 110kts​

    • 9.5 GPH

How To Reserve the Aircraft

To fulfill our insurance requirements, all pilots must complete an aircraft checkout with one of our CFIs that will take about an hour. Please call our phone number and choose the option for aircraft rental, where someone will take your information and arrange for the aircraft checkout.

After completing an aircraft checkout, reservations can be made using our online portal at Flight Schedule Pro or by calling our phone number and choosing the option for aircraft rental for personalized service.

Click the following link to register at Flight Schedule Pro (even if you already have an account with Flight Schedule Pro):

Flight Schedule Pro for Aileron Aviation Registration

Once you have registered then click the following to reserve the aircraft:

Flight Schedule Pro for Aileron Aviation Reservation

Reservation and Travel Policy
  • Rental is on 1/4 hour increments

  • Overnight billed at 1.5 hours per day minimum for week days and 2 hours per day minimum for weekends